problem with label. Help?

Merry Christmas everyone! I am having an issue with using 'label' to replace text. Here is some example code below that will work if you paste it into Squiffy and run it. There are two sections that link to each other. The second room displays the text for the first room. The first room has a passage in it that replaces text if you click on it (by using 'label'). This feature works if you're in the first section. But if you click on the 2nd section and then click on the passage, the game just ends.

How can I get this to work?


The room is {label:1={if not bottle: empty save for [a bottle] on the ground.}{else:empty.}} A doorway leads [[in.]]

[a bottle]:
@set bottle
@replace 1={if not bottle:save for [a bottle] on the ground}{else:empty.}
Taken. Unopened, still cold. Where did it come from?

You find yourself back in the same room!


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