Why Does Squiffy Keep Deleting My Game Text?


I published my game http://textadventures.co.uk/games/view/hee5hnklwe2gz1vqwzovpq/negotiari back in 2017. After previous wipes I've learnt to back up scripts two or three times as I've feature creeped. But When I open the game, more than half the script is gone. Yet when I click play online, the entire game is fine. Is there any reason why this happens?

Okay, so, your problem is, when you play a game in the online mode (since it uses PHP and the LocalStorage() function), it automatically saves to your browser. Meaning that if you reset your game, it should show up.'

If the problem persists, post a new message on the forums called:

(Follow Up) Why Does Squiffy Keep Deleting My Game Text? (Follow Up)

Hope it works

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