How to set a variable on several colums

Hello, I research since several hours how to set a variable on several colums.

So i know set a variable : @set nameVariable = channel and use them later just I need display for my case so : {nameVariable} ..
Good but imagine now, I want stock a long list of several thing the objective is the creat a remember option for the users ( and for me is avoid repetition too ) .. So for example I create a variable with list Content so ..
@set contentList = container

A list ( with the brackets ) will appear if you click on list ..


list: ( with brackets around list sure )

Amazing .. but now imagine a looonng list to see code better hop I jump a line but here .. It's doesn't walk because
the system read only one line .. So if you write ..

@set contentList =
One content
Another ..
etc ..

The value of content List is .. empty .. So I don't want that, I want all my elements in contentList .. So help me, How I must do that .. Thx ..

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