Unable to edit published or delete published work

Hello, I have tried everything possible to try to edit a publish work, save the work, then have it re-published/ edited, but the changes have not been sticking. I am unsure if this is just a server error. When running a preview, it works fine, but after saving any changes, the published work is not picking up on any of the edits and is still has typos or starting in the middle of the story.

I have had to publish (unlisted) the same story 3 times in order to have the edits stick and now I have 2 faulty stories that need to be deleted. Does anyone know of anything that can help or if anyone else has been having this problem?

I think that sometimes when you republish a game it can take a couple of hours before people see the new version. Something to do with downloads being cached?

As far as deleting published games, I'd assume it's the same as with Quest (you can't delete them, but somebody with admin powers might be able to do it for you; I've seen a few people requesting deletions in the Site Feedback forum)

Can confirm the delay. I also put version numbers on my games. Sometimes they pop right in. Sometimes it can take a while.

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