Disabling sections/passages?

Hello! Sorry if this is a dumb question, I'm new to Squiffy and my coding knowledge is limited to HTML, unfortunately. Is there some way to disable options, maybe based on flags?

For example, let's say section offers three choices: Choice A, Choice B, and Choice C. Once you've chosen one, you can do the other two as well, or continue on to Choice D (which is unlocked once you've done one of the first 3). I want to make it so that if you, say, choose choice B, you can't choose choice B again, and so forth, so you eventually eliminate all choices except Choice D.

I'm thinking I'd need to use a flag that basically says "This choice is already done", so that when you go from Choice B to Choice C or whatever, Choice B is not there (while it normally would be if you had started with Choice C or Choice A). But how do I disable Choice B, once I have the flag set?

Again, sorry if this is a dumb question, and sorry if I'm not making any sense. If you could break things down simply for me, I'd very greatly appreciate it since I have a learning disability and coding can be confusing to me, but any answers are appreciated anyway. Thank you very much!

You can use "if seen."

Squiffy documentation explains it all.

{if seen A:A}{else:[[A]]}

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