Ways to make options not expire after clicking them?

Sorry if this has been asked before, I'm very new to the software. I was wondering if there's a way to make it so after an option is clicked, it remains an option until a certain series of events is carried out. e.g. if they go to a fountain before collecting a bucket, they cannot interact with the fountain, however if they go get the bucket and return to the fountain, they are now able to collect water. Thank you!

I think that should work. If you go back to a section you've visited before, the links should be active again.

If you're using passages rather than sections, it's only the link rather than the passage that has been disabled; so you could easily add another link after getting the bucket. But if you want to re-enable a link, the easiest way is to use @replace to enable it again.

You could do something like this:


You are at a fountain. You can attempt to {if got_bucket:[collect water] from it}{else:{label:l=[collect water](no bucket)}, or go and [get a bucket](get bucket,@replace l=bucketlink)}.

[collect water]

[no bucket]:
You try, but your hands aren't that good for scooping up water.

[get bucket]:
@set got_bucket

You grab the bucket

[collect water]:

You gather some water!

Here, to simplify:

passages won't make options expire
sections will make all previous options expire.


by the way: [[]] = section, [] = passage

passages won't make options expire

Clicking on a passage link disables that link, as Squiffy assumes you won't want to click the same link twice. I got the impression this is what the OP wants to do – let the player keep trying until they are successful.

Sure, you can always make everything a section and loop back to the initial section to keep the link active.

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