Somehow wrong game deleted?

Further to the below, it seems that Squiffy just completely removed my data. It isn't even bringing up the original tutorial information. So it seems that my saving it didn't achieve much and the data is just gone.

Hi all,

I was using the online editor, so I could work on it from a number of machines (work and home) and this morning noticed I had two instances available in my games. I deleted the one I believed was my old Quest instance, leaving my Squiffy instance with exactly the same name. However, upon hitting "Edit Game" it is completely empty. I was only in it this morning showing a colleague my progress, so not sure how it could've gone.

Is there any way to retrieve the work I had done? It's only a few hours, but it's mostly that I had made a lot of progress actually learning the code and would like to refer back to it.

If I can get it back, I will save it to my Drive since I obviously can't trust the online editor/myself.

Thank you

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