Blank page and unclickable "restart" text

So, first of all: I'm VERY ignorant about coding and the likes and I'm likely not very proficient with a computer.
I uploaded the index file (created after I clicked on "build") of my first game, made with the desktop version of Squiffy, but when I click "play" I just see a blank page with an unclickable "restart" text. Nothing else. I tried with other browsers and it doesn't work. I really don't know what's wrong, I don't think I skipped any step. I tried to search on the forum for some useful information, but I didn't find any (or if I did, I could not understand it).
Could somebody please help me?

Nevermind, I figured it out after trying every kind of combination. I apologize for the useless topic.
By the way, I think a "tutorial" step by step on how to upload and fix these kind of things might help with people like me, less experienced with computers.

Since you haven't made the game public, no-one can check it. You could either make it public, or try posting your code in this forum.

Speaking from painful experience, this sort of thing usually comes from JS issues. Squiffy failures will vomit over the screen, while JS issues just stop.

The best way to solve this, I've found, is to comment out the JS script, line by line, until it compiles and gives you your first page.

Oh, and when working with JS code, save and compile frequently!

Could you say how you fixed it? I'm dealing with that issue now. Adding https:// to the beginning of the link fixes it, but I feel like there has to be another solution than telling people they have to do that once they click play.

If it was acting good and then fails, sometimes it's a good idea to just C&P ALL your code into a text file. Delete the squiffy file. Get a new one and C&P your code back in. That has fixed some very strange editor bugs I once ran into.

Thanks! That fixed that issue!

Glad that worked.

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