My Stage Selection code

What do you think of my created difficult and stage select code? Let me know what you think.

Source Code:

[[Stage Difficulty]]:
Very Easy: 4 Stages

Easy: 5 Stages

Normal: 7 Stages

Hard: 9 Stages

Very Hard: 11 Stages

@set difficulty = 1
Very Easy!
[[Character Select]]

@set difficulty = 2
[[Character Select]]

@set difficulty = 3
[[Character Select]]

@set difficulty = 4
[[Character Select]]

@set difficulty = 5
Very Hard!
[[Character Select]]

[[Character Select]]:
@set stagefinal = true
Character picked!!

[[Proceed to Game]]

[[Proceed to Game]]:
@set stage1 = true

@set stage2 = true
{if stage1=true:{stage1}}{else:{gamestage2}}

Stage 1!


@set stage1 = false
Stage 1 complete!


@set stage3 = true
{if stage2=true:{stage2}}{else:{gamestage3}}

Stage 2!


@set stage2 = false
Stage 2 complete!


@set stage4 = true
{if stage3=true:{stage3}}{else:{gamestage4}}

Stage 3!


@set stage3 = false
Stage 3 complete!


@set stage5 = true
{if difficulty=1: {stagefinal} } {else: {if stage4=true:{stage4}}{else:{gamestage5}} }

Stage 4!


@set stage4 = false
Stage 4 complete!


@set stage6 = true
{if difficulty=2: {stagefinal} } {else: {if stage5=true:{stage5}}{else:{gamestage6}} }

Stage 5!


@set stage5 = false
Stage 5 complete!


@set stage7 = true
{if stage6=true:{stage6}}{else:{gamestage7}}

Stage 6!


@set stage6 = false
Stage 6 complete!


@set stage8 = true
{if difficulty=3: {stagefinal} } {else: {if stage7=true:{stage7}}{else:{gamestage8}} }

Stage 7!


@set stage7 = false
Stage 7 complete!


@set stage9 = true
{if stage8=true:{stage8}}{else:{gamestage9}}

Stage 8!


@set stage8 = false
Stage 8 complete!


@set stage10 = true
{if difficulty=4: {stagefinal} } {else: {if stage9=true:{stage9}}{else:{gamestage10}} }

Stage 9!


@set stage9 = false
Stage 9 complete!


@set stagefinal = true
{if stage10=true:{stage10}}{else:{gamestagefinal}}

Stage 10!


@set stage10 = false
Stage 10 complete!


{if stagefinal=true:{stagefinal}}

Final Stage!


@set stagefinal = false
Final Stage complete!


You win!!

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