Tip: @import CSS stylesheets from other games!

Hey, this works!

I made a couple of Chinese language games in Squiffy. Each time, I foolishly uploaded the fonts I needed into the zip file along with font face instructions. Fool that I am!

I could have simply uploaded the fonts in my first game and then put this one tiny line at the top of all future CSS files:
@import url('https://media.textadventures.co.uk/games/rP-I7PCmZE2wyGTbZiRD1w/Han%20Wang%20Kai%20Medium%20ChuIn/style.css');
So if you have a certain way you like your games to look, don't keep reuploading the same stylesheet. Just borrow from yourself!

Interesting. And this works even once you load into the squiffy site?

Now that's a smart question! Weirdly, it's working for me on the http site but not on the https site. Maybe it needs a few days to update? I'll check up on it again tomorrow.

Edit: Oops. I should have used https in the actual @import line. Of course now I have to wait a long time for that to update.

Edit 2: Yay! It updated within a couple of hours and it works. So just be sure to use the https stylesheet.

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