Help with publishing squiffy game

My apologies for this question. I have crawled through this forum, but I simply STILL don't understand what I have to do to make it work. I think I need babysteps here, because I simply do not understand what I have to do.

I wanted to publish that game to a few people to play privately on their own computers.

So I have the xxx.sq file. I put it in a new folder and clicked "build". I received the files.
I made a zip folder. 1 without the .sq file, one with. I tried uploading them. "invalid file type." (.zip)

I grabbed the .html version. (Index). I tried uploading it. It worked, I received a thing to type in the name etc. A "Play" button appeared. I clicked it. There was the word "restart" in the upper left corner. It wasn't a clickable link.

Everywhere in this forum, people say "just click build and put those files into a zip folder." I did.
But when I tried to open that here, there is just that "restart" thing, which is not clickable. I uploaded that roughly 10 minutes ago. Do I simply have to wait longer until the server has updated?

I don't get it. What should I zip up exactly, how do I upload it?

And when I somehow have managed to do that, what exactly do I send to people?

What do I tell them to do in order to play it off the website? Do they need some kind of flashplayer or something?

Help please. I am profoundly confused.

Edit: also I cannot upload a picture on the site. I always get a runtime error.

Let me see if I can help. I've done this same thing before.

First step is to make sure you build your game (from inside the editor, the build button). You should be able to play it at that point.

If you wish, you can rename your Index file to "ClickMe" or something to make it more obvious to those you send it to how to start.

Then, from the folder above (where you see your folder of game contents), zip that. In other words, if you have a folder "MyGame" containing all your game files, go to explorer where you see the folder "MyGame", right click on that, and send it to the compressed files. This should zip up a nice contained bundle. This zip is what you send.

Then email this to your friends. They should be able to unzip the folder whereever they want, go into it and click your special "ClickMe" file. This should start the game for them.

Let me know it this works.

Thank you for the detailed explanation. That worked. Apparently without my knowledge, I also made an error during the zipping process.
I think it works now. I am curious if people will be able to try it and what they think. But I fear that I will have to wait and see if they could open it or not. But at least it works on the site now. I am very relieved. Thank you very much.

My pleasure. I fought to learn everything I could about this and thank a lot of people who gave me critical info. Glad you're set!

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