Viewable score

I’m just getting the hang of Squiffy, but I’m not to sure how to have the score show and stay on the screen

There may be a better way, but I just drop a code at the end of each passage. Mine is for money.

<b>Money = {money}</b>

Is there a possible way to change the background permanently or temporarily?

I have never done it, but I know there is. I believe you have to tweek the css file, which is where all the style flavor comes from. I have seem a few posts on here about that topic.

What is the css file?

GalaxyHunter, the css file is a file called "style.css" that appears in the same folder with your Squiffy project, after you build it. More details in this thread:

Thank you, alice-blue. I’ll do the best of my abilities to use it since I’m using mobile

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