how can I use this [ [ ,[ , ] , ] ] , { , } without the computer reading it as a passage , section and javascript.

I want to make the </input/> only accepts letters and disable numbers but do that I need to use the "pattern"

the code is like this "pattern="[A-Za-z]{3}""

Hello renzlorenzz.

I'm triying to run the code but dont run.

I'll investigate about it but right now I can only create a function in the file story.js and call it inside the input code itself. It's complicated like that since every time you compile the game, you would run the function. Let's see if I find a solution relatively soon, because I have found code that works but once you integrate it into the story does not work correctly.

You could always get around this by allowing entry of any data, but then using the next section to run some JS validation checks on the string. Depending on the outcome you could then automatically send the player to the next section, or send them back to the first section with an error message. That's how I've managed the process in the past.

You can see an example of such validation here:

When you enter a name for your chat partner, any data can be entered but on submission any entry containing non-alphabet characters will be rejected, as well as failure to enter anything.

OO, thank you just got a little bit of problems but i'm working on it

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