Master Passages not working?

I'm kinda new to this, so forgive me if I've made a stupid mistake.

I've made a master page with Stats/Inv Passage buttons, and have the passage script in the master.
The passages don't open, however, and the links are used up.

using this code atm.

@inc turns

Health = {health}

Turns = {turns}
Inventory =

Slot 1: {inv1}

Slot 2: {inv2}

Slot 3: {inv3}

Slot 4: {inv4}

Slot 5: {inv5}

Slot 6: {inv6}

I won't bore you with the whole inv. I also guess that there is a away to make arrays.

Thanks :D

I played with this a bit. What I think the problem is is that you can't have sections inside the master section. Take out all the sections and just write it as one passage and it works.

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