Newbie Questions

I am a writer and trying out Squiffy for the first time and I have a few functionality questions. I will continue to post more of my questions here as they come.

#1) I understand labeling sections/passages and connecting the choices, but is it possible to connect a choice to a passage, but alter the displayed text? For example, if I have a passage, "[[scene 2]]:" I would implement a choice called "[[scene 2]]" to go to it, but what if I wanted the choice to read: "Go to Scene 2." Is this possible? This would also be nice so I can have multiple choices throughout the game with the same text.

#2) Is it possible to skip to a passage or to a scene without having the player click a link? For instance, if I have a minor choice like: "[[Look behind you.]]" and then the passage reads, "[[Nothing's there.]]" Is the only way to continue the story to have the player click a continue link?

Regarding your first question, instead of


just use

[[insert text here]](scene2)

Answer #2) There is time delaying technique using simple javascript.

  1. After 3 seconds, display a sentence automatically.
    You can change the delay time(.e.g. 3000 means 3 seconds, 2000 means 2 seconds)
            squiffy.ui.write("Nothing's there.");

Look behind you.
  1. After 3 seconds, go to other section automatically.

Look behind you.

Nothing's there.

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