Name field?

So I'm coming back after perhaps a year of focusing on other things, and while looking over my old games in progress, I remembered that after hours of searching this very forum for a name field code, it ended up being broken anyway. I just tried searching for a new method, but I was faced with math problems instead? Maybe I'm misunderstanding.

Image examples of what I'm working with:
Code -
Input Field -
Click For Name? -

I'd personally prefer it not open in a window like that, but if there's no other option, I can tolerate it. I just want it to use the player's name whenever a character addresses them.

The input field I'm particularly interested in. How does that work. I tried typing exactly what I saw in the example into the code below but it dosn't seem to set 'name' correctly. Ideas?

This is a test of name entry...

<form name=my form>
<input type=button value="Enter name"
    s=prompt('enter your name','Name');

[click for name]

[click for name]:

Hello, {name}

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