A Squiffy reference


I've written a document that mirrors the official documentation, but with the newest features well-integrated (new if-then features, new math features) and with a lot of extra little things documented. For example, while writing the document and experimenting with Squiffy I realized that you can do A LOT with if-then statements by embedding other commands inside of them. Anything that has curly brackets around it {} can be in an if-then statement. Etc etc.

I've documented everything I can, and put it in a slightly different order that will make sense for people who are new to programming or new to Squiffy. I'm a beginner myself, and I wrote this because I didn't like having to go back and forth to the Table of Contents in the docs instead of being able to click a Next or Previous link. With this document, you can just scroll up and down to see the entire document, and there are some nifty features where this is hosted for other navigation tricks.

That said, you should read the official documentation first and then check this out. This is meant to be a reference once you've learned the very basics but are ready to start learning a little bit more while you write your story.

If you have any comments or suggestions, feel free to do so here or PM me.

Here is the link: Squiffy reference

I hope it's useful to some. :)

Very nice!

Thank you!

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