Coding Limit

I opened my game and half the code is gone. Is there a code limit on the online editor?
It's happened several times, I'm glad I saved it on a thumbdrive first.

How many lines have your game?

When did this error happen to you? Did it happen before yesterday or has it started happening today?

I don't know if it happened earlier than today, I didn't really work with the online editor before. It's cutting me off at 592 but I have 734. Even when I adjusted some of the lines, it cut me off around the same area.
I can't use the windows editor at my school so I have to rely on the online editor to test my code, but it keeps cutting me off.
Unsure if that will mess with posting an active game.

There are about 8869 words, unsure if that changes things.

It is not much length, there should be no problem. We have reversed the changes on the squiffy editor and leave it without the latest update. Open the game and refresh the content by pressing CTRL + F5 and try to see if it also gives you the error now.

Thank you.

Sorry, had class. I’ll check it when I get home. Thanks.

It still cut me off at 592. When I tried the CTRL + F5 it deleted an extra 200 lines.

I tried it again after repasting the code on and it worked. Went from 592 back to my 700someodd.

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