I literally downloaded Squiffy today and quietly started working on it. I am a writer and I had the experience of publishing a book in the style of "book-game". But I would like to learn how to create such books myself without intermediaries.

I had a question or a problem (as someone who likes to call it). In each book there are "Chapters". Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3, etc. I start with the "Introduction". After 5 pages - 1 chapter. After another 5 pages - 2 chapter. How can I make the code in the program so that I, from, for example, chapter 5, can go into chapter 2? I also want the chapters to open gradually. That I had a separate menu, which will list the chapters. But playing in chapter 1 so that there are not all chapters in this list. To chapters opened as you progress through the game.

Help me please!

Sorry for my bad english.

The articles you share, it is very detailed and meticulous, I hope you will have more interesting articles to share with readers next time.
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