Link does not exist - out of ideas.

Hello guys!

I have been writing with squiffy for quite some time, the story is quite long-ish.

Recently I decided, to make a "cheat" mode for people, who wish to re-read certain scenes, that they missed out on.

Now, every single link worked fine, so far. All of them are "double [ description, double]single(target, single)" types.
There is one exception.

In the beginning of the game, I worked with the "single [ target, single]single(target, single)" types. I dropped that after a few chapters.

Now for the cheat section, I need to link from line 6316 backward to line 562.

I constantly get the message, that the link does not exist. Despite the fact, that I have copied it and tried linking back to other targets.

Is there something, that I am missing or is that single [] thing only capable to linking "forward" and not "backward" in the lines?

As usual, I would appreciate your help, I cannot find any other explanation as the difference in brackets, but maybe there is a way that prevents me from re-editing all the single bracket choices from the beginning of the game and transform them into double ones.

Thanks in advance.

Pardon me if I go over old ground. Are you saying that you can backlink to...


...but not to...



The single one is a passage and I don't think it exists anywhere outside of the section it's defined at. If you want to prove it, temperately make the passage into a section and see if it works.

I do hope this helps.

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