Changing the background to an image or solid color

I'm working on Web Editor and I would really like to change my background to something else, let it be an image or another color. Help.

Very sorry, squiffy does not allow that sort of thing. Quest does!

With the desktop version of Squiffy, it's easy to change the background CSS setting by editing the game's CSS file (after building the game into a website, of course), but this may not be an option when doing everything online.

Thank you! I downloaded Squiffy onto my mac and have seen results with editing the CSS file. I still can't seem to get the image working though. Can you show me the code you would use to do it?

This should help:

Wait, so what types of urls are you able to use?

Wait never mind, added Quotation Marks around the URL by accident even though I shouldn't have. Thank you so much for your help!

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