Why does my game keep saying Unlisted?

I clicked the thing that allowed the game I made to be visible to everyone and as far as I can tell it is still unlisted.
Any advice?

usually it takes time for the moderators to evaluate the game and give it a category based on what you selected. Mine took a few days from what I remember.

Ah, thanks


Please provide a link.

Also, help me out...

Unlisted means I cannot see the game.
Uncategorized means I can see the game and place it in a proper category. They are not like terms.

I did not see a game of yours in the uncategorized group. Also, I don’t deal with anything Squiffy related so hopefully I’m not being misleading.


Okay, sorry bout that. Link:http: //textadventures.co.uk/games/view/ra5m35okueancic4hi9i1g/base-14-part-one

I managed to get that link to work eventually...
The game is unlisted meaning you’ve set it to private. Only you can set it to public.

That's what I kept doing. I tried that before and hit save. Game still said unlisted, and to this day, no matter what I do, it's still unlisted.



Try to edit the listing, then change the bit under "Who can access this game?" from "Only people I give the link to" to "Everyone".



After selecting "Everybody", more options will appear:


The website was going through an update back then. It was so glitchy that the games online could not be published or played for awhile.

It's fixed now. Just follow what KV says.

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