Attention Mac Users Who Have the Time to Build Squiffy from the Source Code


Recently, I found that I couldn't run the Squiffy editor in any recent version of any flavor of Linux. It worked on Windows 10, but running it on Linux was a bust.

So, after doing some research, I found that we could update Electron from version 1.8.1 to version 4.2.12 to fix this issue. I have tested my fix in all the flavors of Linux except Gentoo and Debian, and it works.

I do not have a Mac, though. So, I'm hoping someone will spend 30 minutes (or less) building the Squiffy editor on a Mac using the source code from my fork on GitHub to see if everything works.

There were two issues.

  1. On Windows and Linux, jquery was not being copied into the proper place in the build. I fixed this by editing "gulpfile.js".
  2. On Linux, there was a Pango error which said the Harfbuzz version was too old. This was a bug in Electron, and it was fixed in version 4.x.x. So, I updated the Electron version from 1.8.1 to 4.2.12. This works on Windows and on Linux. I edited "gulpfile.js" and "package.json" to update the version of Electron.

I want to create a pull request so this gets updated in the real version of the Squiffy editor, but I want to make sure it doesn't introduce any issues for Mac users before I do it.

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