Can I post this game on a wix site

I'm building a CYA story for a class I'm taking and I'd love to have the game on the website itself (we have to use wix). I searched the forums and the only answers I got weren't really answers at all, just people describing that they got a blank game when they tried to upload it elsewhere. Does anyone know (a hopefully simple) way to get the game to work with wix? If not I can always post a link once it's finished to the site, but I know it's possible to run them from a site.

Right now, the only way is to host the downloadable version from your website and link the online version from Quest. Pertex has mentioned that he's trying to find a tutorial about it. But if you're asking if you're allowed to. Definitely. As long as the material and your game isn't copy-written in any way shape or form :)

You can see the conversation here. I hope this helps.


@Anonynn, this is the forum for Squiffy...

@rosalind.donato: I don't know if Wix lets you upload your own HTML and JavaScript - if so then it's just a matter of exporting the game from Squiffy. If you're using the online version then click the Download button in the top-right of the editor and choose "Export HTML and JavaScript". Then you can upload that wherever you want, including Wix if they support that.

Oops! Sorry x_X

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