Stats bar?

Hi I'm making a zombie survival type choose your fate text adventure and I wanted to know was there a way to implement a "show stats" or something like "about me" or "progress" bar where the player can click it and see their points,money,achievements,relationships,etc.

thanks ---


You coud use a master section. It has an empty name and works as it is written in any section.

Life: {life}, Money: {money}, Ammo:{ammo}

It should show the value of life money and ammo at the top of every section.

Or you just could copy the line at the top, bottom or middle of each section, or just write it in a passage that you may very well name "Show stats" or "About me".

If you want you can [show stats].

[show stats]:
Life: {life}, Money: {money}, Ammo:{ammo}

Am I right, guys?

Thanks a ton! I'm definitely going to try the second option,i did the first,it sorta worked but didn't meet my expectations! thanks again :)

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