Several doubts

Is it possible to use the same section or passage name twice without being redirected to the same section or passage?
How can I change the background and the letter colour of a project?
How can I make the screen scroll down when a new section or passage is activated?

Sorry if the questions are basic or noob-ish, i started yesterday, don't be too harsh on me :p

Wellcome to Squiffy.

Not is possible use two sections with same name. Only the last section in script is available. The last section overwrite the first section. But you can use a if block to see different text in one section based in one squiffy atribute, with this, you can simulate two sections with the same name.

For change the background and the letter colours you use css code.

The squiffy's engine scroll down when a new section or pasage are active.

@manowar, Thanks for your response, but i was wondering if this would work:

random text
[[hi]](other section)

[[other section]]:
more random

Correct, that works.

okay, thanks

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