How to create a randomizer?

Hey i'm trying to create a randomizer for my game. I dunno how to do it. It's not mentioned anywhere!
For the randomizer i'm making, it's basically a list of stuff and i'm trying to randomize it and make it spit out a certain thing.
For example, there are three categories. A, B, and C. Now i all have items in the categories, and i'm trying to make it spit out three things, one from each category. The result of the randomization will end up like this:
(An item from category A)
(An item from category B)
(An item from category C)

Hi. This works if you want a choice to go to a different direction randomly. I'm still working on how to add percentages to the choices.


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var names = ["sleep","work","play"];
var randInt = Math.floor(Math.random()*3)+0;



I'm sleepy.

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boo work.

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I love playing.

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