IF statements

Do > and < work? When I write if statements I do {if ran: jblkjbsdafiob} but how do you do it for like number variables other than = sign?

Hello jorocks30, here a example of < and > use.

You can go to the [[next section]](next section, test=6)

[[next section]]:
{if test<5:hello}{else:bye} {test}

You can change de test=6 and see how the text en next section change.

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Using > and < doesn't always work if you are combining with HTML.

Also, you can use <> to mean 'not equal'.

This is the answer that should have been given for this previous post: http://textadventures.co.uk/forum/squiffy/topic/5932/how-do-you-say-if-attribute-is-not-equal-to

You can go to the [[next section]](next section, test=5, current_room=Hall)

[[next section]]:
{if test<>5: hello} {else: bye} {test}

{if current_room<>Yard: You're not in the yard; you're in the {current_room}}

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