How do I add pictures in my game?

I know it's possible but I cannot figure out how to do it. I'm currently using the browser version, do I have to download the desktop version to be able to add pictures? Any and all advice would be greatly appreciated.

I figured it out. So no one else will have the same problems I had here is how you do it; . Do NOT add the * but the quotation marks are needed.

<img src="pathtoyourimg/img.jpg" class="cssclassforstyle" />

I'd highly recommend using CSS to style your images rather than relying on tags.

It's also possible to wrap images in the usual mark up, such as section links etc.

Combined with some javascript for animation and you can actually create a fairly functional point and click adventure.

Do you know any videos I can watch to explain the CSS and JavaScript being used in Quest? I'm completly new to this and not familiar with programming.

I've not used Quest. But if it's anything like Squiffy if you can get your head around javascript and css the sky really is the limit. If you're just getting started, read up on CSS, as that will help you understand basic styling of html elements. I'm always shocked at how awful most people's games look. Once you've got that sorted you can move onto JS. Not going to lie, the latter will take some time to get good at, but plenty of tutorials online.

CSS and JS are the same whether you're using them with Quest /Squiffy or whatever. I wouldn't worry too much about looking for specific tutorials like that.

I've been playing around with Squiffy for a couple of months now, developing my own engine that sits on top of the core functionality and I'm hoping to use it to create some hybrid text / graphical games.

What's great about Squiffy is that it provides all the basic functionality I could ask for, allowing me to focus time and effort on additional more advanced stuff. It's also pretty compatible with any modern browser, and with a bit of tweaking even works well on mobile browsers.

Thank you for this information, I will definetly take the time to learn CSS and JS.

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