So... my gamebooks are entirely deleting themselves.

They were working fine a couple days ago, but today, when I open a Squiffy gamebook to edit and then close it, the next time I open it it's a blank document. Projects I started years ago are entirely gone. I see no way of recovering them. Has anyone else had this problem?

This has been brought up in the forum before. Once published, your Squiffy code no longer receives attention. It may remain for a spell, but will get eaten by the internet gnomes after a while. If you wish to continue tweaking, save your Squiffy code in your own system. If you don't want to download Squiffy, you can save your code in a plain text text editor.

That stinks, though. I lost the code for a game that way a couple years ago. Had to relearn a lot of tricks from nothing.

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