It doesn't update

I'm trying to publish my first game, but when I update it and publish it, it says "File updated View your updated game".

When I go to check it, I see it didn't update at all. I even tried to restart my computer and check it again, but nothing.
Am I the only one?

When I go to edit it again I see the changes I made, but for some reason they don't upload to the main version.

PD: I've tried that in "work in progress" and "ready for release" and in they both fail.


I've seen this question before. Not sure if you're a new person with the same question, or a spambot reposting old messages.

In either case, the response was basically: Wait. Games are cached by a reverse proxy, and don't get purged properly when you publish an update. Usually they will be properly updated after an hour or two.

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