Inventory System


I searched this forum and read the squiffy documentation (including the attributes section) on this site trying to find a step by step making/showing inventory guide. Like for keys to unlock doors or armor/weapons to equip. I know of an awesomely sophisticated battle system for Squiffy so there must be a way.

So, is this possible? If so, how?

Me, I just keep a list of descriptive variables (essentially a DIY inventory). You could do it with booleans but I went to integers because you might want to carry multiple items. But it would be something like...

@set key=0
@set sword=0

And then, when you run your inventory, you might do...

{if key>0: key ({key} total)}
{if sword>0: sword ({sword} total)}

Food and water are portions, of course. But for things like lamps and torches, I just accumulate "burn time". So, if a torch gives you 100 minutes of illumination, finding another adds 100 minutes to your total. Of course, this would be listed as....

{if torch>0: torches ({torch} minutes of burn time)}

Thank you!

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