Uploading a game created on a desktop version of Squify

I have a game that runs on the Desktop using the Squify Editor. I can BUILD and 4 files are created.
If I execute (double click) on the html file and the other 3 files reside in the same folder, then the game runs as intended in a browser window.

If I remove one of the support files, I get that static restart message just like when I try to upload to the textadventure site. So all the files have to be available.

So I zipped up the four files and uploaded that zipped package in hopes that all the necessary files would be present on the textadventure server but , alas, I get that same blank page with restart.

Please help me with the correct procedure.

That sounds correct. I'm assuming that you went back into your editor and pressed "BUILD" to regenerate the files. Then you should just do the zip, including the directory it is in (best to name that folder the same thing as your game name).

Anyway, that's how I do it. Just zip up from the folder level and upload to squiffy.

Thank You Bluevoss. The first time I selected the four files and zipped that group and, as reported ,that did not work. Then I read your post and put the four files into a new folder and zipped that folder and uploaded. That worked perfectly.

You da' man!


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