Help with conditions?

Hello again.
I am not sure if that is the right question for my problem.

I would like to work into my CYOA the possibility to "unlock" things through further progress in the story.
Like I visit place A and see 3 options. One of them tells me to go to point B and click a link. When I return to place A again, suddenly boom, 4 options.
But not until I have clicked the link in point B.

Or like having encounters that award the player with a certain number of points. And until he has reached that number, he cannot proceed to go to point B. But needs to collect some more at point A and C to proceed.

That is conditions, right?

I am not sure. Is there a way to work these into the game? I have no knowledge of programming whatsoever, save the [[]]: stuff that I have done with squiffy so far. So I am afraid I would require babysteps again, if possible.

Is that actually possible in squiffy?

Thank you in advance. The last answer really helped me a great deal and I am looking forward to an answer again. Thank you for reading.

Both these appear possible.

The second seems quite complicated and you would need to provide a meaningful example with details to get an answer that is useful for the actual idea you have rather than hypothetical discussions of a wide range of solutions to what people guess the problem might be.

The first seems to be something you could achieve with the @seen option so the options in place A are different depending on whether the relevant thing has been 'seen' at place B.

I'm going to agree with Jwpfox on this. Yes, there are all sorts of ways to do things like this. The easiest is the "seen" option, which allows you to know if you've been somewhere before. For more complex issues, you can use booleans (true and false) which you can set as each event happens, and then check them later to determine if an option is available.

But yes, details help.

thank you very much. I shall provide details when the situation arrises.
currently I am very happy over the information that it works in the first place. That allows me to be able to keep that in mind and work it in.

Thanks a bunch.

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