restart | reiniciar | 重新開始 | 重新开始

As one of the world's greatest experts in being a dummy, I must say that Squiffy is simply the best IF option for dummies. It's so easy to learn that even this dummy can do it.

One of the greatest authors in the Spanish IF community, Incanus, has raved about the simplicity of the Spanish version of Squiffy [1]. Depresiv, of the same community has lamented the plight of non-English IF communities.

Now, it would be difficult to translate even the few Squiffy commands into many other languages, not to mention the documentation. However, I don't think that's immediately necessary, as there really are very few Squiffy commands.

What would be helpful immediately is an easy way to change the "restart" button to a another word. Maybe I'm just nitpicking, but it's slightly annoying to have this English word "restart" at the top of every section of my Mandarin game.

Thank you, Alex Warren, for inventing Squiffy!

You can easily do this, but only using the Desktop editor. You just have to modify the main html template.

In the next releases i'm working on this.

Really? Cool! Thanks! I can't wait!

I found it a bit tricky to modify the main html template. I first tried "replace all" in a text editor. But my browser didn't like that. I finally had to change each example of the word "restart", one at a time, until I found the correct one.

You don't have to bother yourself to modify html template whenever you build(compile) your squiffy code.
You can change it in your squiffy code as the following without changing html template.

    $("#restart").text("重新開始"); //change upper right "restart" to the word you want.
    squiffy.ui.settings.restartPrompt=false; // disable prompt, "Are you sure you want to restart?".



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