DESPERATE! How does this blasted Phonegap work?

Guys, I'm really about to lose hope to ever be able to upload my games on the store using Phonegap. I read the tutorials and FAQ's multiple times, trying to figure out how the heck it is supposed to work, but there's still something I clearly missed.
I downloaded Phonegap on the PC and on the phone. I opened the Pc program and followed the instruction to "add" a new project. It worked and it asked me to select the local path, which I did picking the folder where all the stuff from my game was generated hitting the "build" button in Squiffy.
Now, reading around I saw people writing that they copied file x in folder y and so on, but I swear that I don't find anywhere any clue that I'm supposed to move files around, and no clue about what exactly has to be moved where.
So please, I beg you, is there anyone out there who has successfully used Phonegap and can somehow help me?
Thank you! I will credit your name in my game if you help me!

please, anyone?

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