How do I change the background color?

Hey guys, I'm creating a game with Squiffy directly in the browser. Do you know how to change the background color to black? I'm also looking to change the text to white.

Behind the title directive you can put this lines with tab or four spaces

$('#output').css('background-color', 'black');
$('#output').css('color', 'white');

When you publish de game change the values of #output for body.

I'm not sure how to change the output, or what to change it to.

Do i need to change "output" to "body"?

Also, is it possible to change the color of links?

I decided not to change the colors, but thank you so much for being very helpful.

Hello, Scartell!

Just for one link? Or for all of them?

<a href="">blue link </a>

blue link

<a style="color:purple" href="">purple link</a>

purple link

#purple > a {
  color:purple !important;

<div id="purple"><a id="special"  href="">purple link</a></div>


[]( "Click here to visit")


NOTE: My third link is purple while editing here, but the forum turns it back blue because the <style> is overridden by the page's CSS.

Thank you.

Check this out:

@title Alex Warren did this

{label:1=[<span style="color:red">one</span>](@replace 1=two)}

[<span style="color:green">two</span>](@replace 1=three)

[<span style="color:yellow">three</span>](@replace 1=one)

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