Surprise Visit (Giantess Game) -DEMO- by TXT

Why hello there, and thanks for checking out my game. This is my first attempt at making a text adventure, but I have been becoming familiar with Quest while working on this demo, so I have high hopes. Also, this game will not be updated periodically, as I plan on releasing the game when I have finished making it.

The game starts out by giving the player the option to read an info page, so if you want to know more about the game then you'll just have to play it :)

Just like most other Quest games, it would be best to download it to avoid any bugs caused by the browser player. Any feedback and questions are more than welcome. Hope you enjoy!

Also, R.I.P. Elsa's Motel. imo, that game had more potential than any other GTS text adventure out there.

Tags: giantess, shrinking, shrink, shrunk, feet

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Review by blargh7
13 May 2019
I love how it's coming along so far, I'm ecstatic to see that there's a good writer on here who seems dedicated to their stories. I really look forward to seeing any progress done on this story and future ones to come! I think this site has soo much potential, but has just fallen short with content creators who just don't understand the first thing about storytelling or have lost any interest they had in their own creations and I'd absolutely love to see that turn around.

Review by alexander933
20 Apr 2019
Demo was fairly short, but is well polished and promising. The amount of detail used is very nice. I'll be keeping an eye on your progress.

Review by Nico Nico Ni
15 Apr 2019
Excited to see, how it will be.
The demo was nice.

Review by IDrewABox
13 Apr 2019
Wow. For what is currently in right now has me shocked. The amount of detail for a prologue is astounding and I can't wait for more! Hopefully you will stay motivated to continue this instead of leaving it to collect dust like so many other promising games. Good luck to you sir!

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