Puzzle Cavern by BtheDestroyer

UNFINISHED!!! Version Beta 0.2.3
Simply for people to test out the concept and find bugs.
If you find a bug, tell me by emailing me at [email protected] or posting it in the comments.

Update: I've added a couple of easter eggs for you to find.

Backstory: You are (Name here), you have just been divorced and you don't have enough to get by after your wife took most of the settlement money. You are torn and tattered while living like a bum, but then you come across an old college friend of yours named (Other Name Here) who happens to be an Archeologist. His profession has taken him all across the world as a renowned professor. You end up crashing with him for the next 4 months living in a cushy environment, but then he says that due to bad stock market investments such as "Pickle in a Shell" that he can't afford to support two people anymore. However, he doesn't wish to send you back to being a homeless bum, so he gives you an assignment. Being in bad financial straights he must venture to New York to get some "financial help" so he leaves you with an assignment to he believes will turn your life around. You must go to Socatohwa Africa, to research the ancient ruins of TuRa the Malicious. All you must do is go and take archeological notes on the ruins in the hopes you'll get employed by your friend's employer. He supplies you with the plane ticket and the supplies you need to begin your research but then you drop your knife….

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Review by _tidus
12 Jan 2014

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