The Legend of Ooga by Regisblackgaard

This game was added to the Sandpit for the following reason: Too short

This game is too short to be put into a category. Players expect games not to be all over within a few seconds.
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Review by coolswagman
13 Dec 2016
It's a good game but the game has two things:

1. The greats are WAY too long (minimum: 14)

2. It's kinda boring.

It's still good tho

Review by JamPuddle
03 Dec 2016
I haven't played the game, this is here to balance out TooCasual's review.

Review by WayTooCasualGamer
03 Dec 2016
i feel compelled to swear.
no i wont.
reasons why you earned 1 shining golden star:
-no way to win
-every possible way to die
-game too short
-descriptions too short
fine i will swear.
the author is an A**HOLE WHO IS FULL OF SH*T
that's better.
good bye.

Review by johnhf
28 Nov 2016
Not funny at all!!!

Review by Stella S.
11 Nov 2016
I like it! You could improve some things; there are some typos here and there. Oh, and I understand why you added the bad grammar (it's cavemen, so it makes sense), but it'd still be better if it was written in regular and correct grammar. But I like the overall idea!

Review by AnonyPuss
07 Nov 2016
It is tagged comedy, so I was expecting it to be funny. It was not. It was not.

My progress of about three choices got to here, when I died "of angriness" because a deer ran away. At least, that was what it said. I really dioed because the author could not be bothered to write anymore.

I played a couple of times, just to make sure I had not missed anything. I had not.

Review by Balldanger
03 Nov 2016
This game confused me. I killed the mammoth, but then died of constipation. How would he have kids if he died of constipation after one minute of playing. This game is not that good and the song if you die isn't that great either.

Review by GodlyCow
03 Nov 2016
I found a stick and a bison, but i couldn't find the plot.
Could you help me?

(btw your song stinks)

Review by Susana
02 Nov 2016
A fool game, by a fool childish boy, who don´t get receive a critic. And disonest, because what you did for your game reach to the first page was really too low.

Now go ahead and write me a naughty answer, like you did with all the others.

Review by tiger189a
31 Oct 2016
I played the game. That's 6 minutes I won't get back...
Lemme just list the stuff up:

-No Script errors

-Short (6 minutes wasn't a joke.)
-Not interesting
-I know you tried to put in caveman speech, but if you made it "accurate", we wouldn't be able to understand anything.
-It doesn't make me want to keep playing. Some games have that trait and keep you playing from start to finish! This game doesn't.

All in all: A fair ONE star!

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Published 26 Oct 2016
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