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Reviews by Blue40465

Review for Chat-Snap
14 Jan 2017
Great Game, would recommend 10/10. I didn't expect the insane plot twist!

Review for Jealousy
03 Dec 2016
Great game!
The game has a good interface, lots of content and a good storyline
Hope to see more! :D

Review for Book 1 Drums
03 Dec 2016
Hello oscarnw09,

Your game has lots of spelling mistakes which makes it not enjoyable to play.
Also it is very short and it seems like you put no effort into making it.
Try to only publish when your games have no spelling/grammar mistakes and are long enough to be an enjoyable experience.

Review for Photographs
03 Dec 2016
A bunch of the path are broken and it feels like you haven't worked hard on this game...
Try fixing all the paths before you publish it