Reviews by Maxyvolt

Review for South Park!
31 Oct 2014
There was a BIT of humour here, I love the series, but I am sorry to say that if it really is this short, it leads people to think its unfinished.
don't get me wrong! I did love certain parts ("don't make me get mr hat" when you click the Jec) but it ends abruptly, which is kinda upsetting.
This is literally the only South Park game out here, so I really was disappointed at its length.
As a guy who doesn't know you and has never done\received a review from you, I am unbiased and thought this was an amazing idea that unfortunately was not finished. mate,
I read the thing about you shutting down.
I kind of understand.
But look at the idea! Do you know how many fans this would attract if it was a full story?
I know all my mates would be thrilled to be able to play through it.
So this IS okay. It's a good start, but if you just give up because it gets tough, something's gone wrong.
Because when someone stops because briefly they can't make it popular- can't express them self- we all lose. Why shouldn't this be your big break?
You have the only South Park game up here.
If you blow it, I'd be sad.

Review for Don't Pee Yourself!
30 Sep 2014
Had me in stitches.