Reviews by K.V.

18 Oct 2018
This is another enjoyable game by NecroDeath (aka Luke A. Jones)!

In this one, you play as Gerald the Mouse (whom you may remember from Luke's earlier games). In the same spirit as his other Christmas games, you have to go around and determine what your friends and neighbors need in order to acquire the items on your list, but this game has more going on than that. NecroDeath has sprinkled a little adventure on top to spice things up this season!

If you like to have fun, I recommend this quick, little romp. (Play time should be just under 2 hours.)


This game is in the 2018 IFComp. Don't forget to rate it and other games in the competition here:

Review for Drumsticks
07 Apr 2018
This is an enjoyable romp!

NecroDeath's games never fail to entertain me!

Jerry 'the mouse' was my favorite, but all of the NPCs are well-written!

Keep it cheesy!


Review for Osterhase
07 Apr 2018
This is a short game in which you collect Easter eggs. It's very fun and imaginative! I laughed quite frequently, and the puzzles were fun to solve!

Two thumbs up!

Review for The Nail
31 Mar 2018
This is a well-done, although very short, game about Easter.

There are no choices, really, but the ending is very good (and only a few turns away)!

31 Dec 2017
This is a great little parser game!

(Be sure to talk to the pigeon!)

Review for Dark Halloween
13 Dec 2017
This is a fun, little Halloween game.

Something different happens in most places, depending on what mood the game is in, so that's pretty cool.

Review for Good Night
08 Nov 2017

...and, like the author says, if you're not afraid, it's best if you play in the dark with headphones (or earbuds).

XanMag really outdid himself on this one!

It's the best horror text-adventure with audio I've played since THE LURKING HORROR!

Review for What Once Was
04 Oct 2017
"What Once Was..."

(Oh, just you wait until you get to that line during play! It's so GOOD!)


What Once Was is what INFOCOM games would have been, if they weren't too busy frustrating the player.

It is pun-filled Sci-Fi/Comedy at its finest!

So, grab your ID, make sure you've got your requisition form at the ready, and don't forget to bring some cheese!