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Review for Pick a Letter
13 Jun 2018
This is not interactive fiction, Mr. K.V.

It is "OK".

(xyzzy is not fair.)

Review for Victorian Detective
13 Jun 2018
This is pretty good stuff, especially considering I don't usually enjoy game-books.

Well thought out and very well written!


Review for Good Night
13 Jun 2018
A well written, thoroughly entertaining piece of interactive fiction!

Job well done!!!

Review for Suicide
13 Jun 2018
This is absolutely appalling, in every way imaginable, from the concept to the prose.

This should be an adult game, too!

Don't play this, kids!!! It's bad, mm'kay?

Review for The Piskie
13 Jun 2018
I started this game up with high expectations, based upon the rave reviews, and I'm not sure if Quest players are easily impressed or overly polite.

It's okay, don't get me wrong, but I saw nothing that made this a five star game.

The map could have been a little smaller. (Pointless locations lower the enjoyment level of map-wandering games.) But this appears to be based on an actual location, so this will not effect my rating.

The prose was okay, but nothing memorable. At least this author can spell (or at least used a spell-checker), and I didn't notice many grammatical errors. (This, in itself, does (sadly) make this a better than average Quest game.)

Honestly, I was let down from the very first turn.

You are in a lane. There is a field to the west..
You can see a gate.
You can go north or south.

> w
You can't go there.

The author was apparently too lazy to modify any of Quest's default responses, which means Alex Warren or The Pixie actually wrote about 90% of the text we see while playing this game!

The player cannot simply go the first direction mentioned in the game's prose, and there is no witty response?!?

I am aware that the gate can be opened (I completed the game before reviewing it), but, again, this is simply not "excellent" writing:

> x gate
A five-barred gate. It stands between a field to the west and a lane to the east.

I just examined that gate and learned nothing useful. Is it locked? Can it even be opened? Well, I guess let's just try it out for ourselves. This is a 5 star game, after all. Surely something enjoyable is about to print to the screen...

> open it
You open it.

Oh... Nothing enjoyable yet? Still reading Alex Warren's responses, too, by the way...

Okay. Let's go see what we have to the west! I can't wait to impressed!

> w

You are in the corner of a grassy field.
You can see a gate.
You can go east, north, west or northwest to the middle of the field.
You hear the sound of bleating sheep in the distance.

What's with the line-spacing?

Why is the description in a state of disarray? (Even the directions are not listed in a logical order.)

This is not how 5 star games are made.


Again, this game was "OK". There were quite a few enjoyable parts. My intention is not to bash it. I just felt I should shed a little light as to why I'm only giving it 3 stars.

Review for Zeppelin Adventure
07 Jun 2018
I expected to thoroughly enjoy this game after having played this author's previous games, but this one just wasn't for me, I guess.

It may be that the faux-parser thing is getting old... I don't know. I hate to give Robin Johnson less than 5 stars for anything, but I had to force myself through this one. The new way the options are displayed in the left-hand screen was distracting. The display settings gave me a headache, too. And, after all that, I ran into a glitch just before the end.

I'll pretend I'm giving it 7 out of 10 instead of 3 out of 5, if that's okay with everyone else. (I'm tacking on and extra star just because of the author's previous achievements.)

Sorry, Mr. Johnson!

Review for Drumsticks
07 Jun 2018
This is the best Quest game I've played with a parser. Although I am new here and haven't played many Quest games, I must admit that I am very impressed with this one.

1. This author took the time to add most of the standard commands to this game. (Most Quest games lack this quality.)

2. This game is simply entertaining. There were moments when I was completely stuck, no clue what to do, but while taking a break from playing the game now and again I'd realise what I was missing. (I haven't done this in an age! Actually THINKING about a text adventure while not playing! This game is GOOD!)

3. The non-playable characters are very well written!

I highly recommend this game!