Los Dangerous (another GTA: San Andreas inspired game)

I'm back after a long rest, with another text-adventure game based on GTA: San Andreas.
Building upon my experience from Ghetto Grind, I plan to make an even more massive game with more features, abilities and a longer gameplay. In this game, players will have more options to choose from, the game will have more ends and have longer and more challenging missions.

The game is in pre-alpha stage as I write this. It currently has:

8 missions
Two place to work
Ability to do physical exercise
Hour system (like Ghetto Grind)
Life system (not using Quest's in-built "health" attribute)
Score system (replacing respect)
A few objects to tell about main character's back story (a short backstory is still displayed in start)
First time events (if you're doing something for the first time, something happens)
Menu system for (possible) restaurants

Even more is yet to come, and this game already has a lot to inherit from Ghetto Grind, like romantic relationships and video games.

I'll release a finished pre-alpha build soon. If you have any ideas, feel free to write in comments. I'll regularly update this topic.

EDIT: I've uploaded the game. You can access it from here: http://textadventures.co.uk/games/view/3ghpq9jrokymw8jtgqqgja/los-dangerous

The game is currently in Alpha stage (current build: Alpha 3). The game recieved a few new features so far:

  • A cafe to eat
  • One new mission
  • Various fixes
  • Sound effects (only one so far)
  • More of advanced interactions with "ask" function (not fully implemented)

I've had other duties to do and I came back to the development of Los Dangerous. Currently the game is in alpha 5 stage. What I've added to the game are;

  • An important plot segment (main character's sister)
  • Armor system (not fully implemented, but it's there)
  • Gun shop (and ability to work there)
  • Small fixes

I was busy again and came back to development with a few new features (alpha 7)

  • Small fixes
  • Strip club (and ability to work there, not fully implemented)
  • One new mission

Version Alpha 10 is released with minor fixes, a total of eleven missions, mobile compatibility (gonna get improved) and lots of things to do in your meantime. Link: http://textadventures.co.uk/games/view/3ghpq9jrokymw8jtgqqgja/los-dangerous

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