Woo Rebooted: Any Testers out There?

Hi, The latest version of Woo Rebooted has just been uploaded (http://textadventures.co.uk/games/view/dsi4artkceuko4rslaxzlq/woo-rebooted). It has been evolving for a few years and is in pretty good shape but still needs some fresh eyes. Can you help? All comments, at any level of detail, gratefully received and acknowledged! This version includes sound effects and we would like reassurance that these are 'improvements', i.e. helpful, not distracting and suitably placed.
Looking forward to hearing from you,
DavyB & Longshot

I’ll give it a look here soon. Feedback within a day.

Thanks XanMag, but no need to rush. Happy to have feedback at any pace! ...though please download just before you start as we are continuing to tinker!!

I've stubbed my toe!!! Working my way through it... Good game so far. =)

Check your PM, please.

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