Primal Battle Z - Arcade Mode Demo

This is a crossover fan-fic game. Inspired by anime, comics, rpg and fighting games.
You can choose one of 20 characters.


This is... interesting.

I'm nobody who plays such games a lot, so it's probably more obvious for people familiar with the genre. But i don't understand what's going on there without a tutorial, making the demo somewhat lackluster. You want to show off you fightign system in depth, don't you? Fighternames together with pictures would also be nice. (But hey, i identified Storm!)

Also, are you certain you can publish this as it is? Copyright is a thing. And although most authors are fairly chill with fan fiction, people that put efforts into images and sounds are more jumpy about people using their assets. (Note: idk if any of this is original work. My reverse image search engine is picky about stuff out of browser games.)

But, this demo is unfinished. I have to work on round settings, and fix on several things. I put this fan fic game together for people to enjoy. This is entirely free. A tutorial into the game is a good idea. Putting the code and files together is a tough process.

I've played this before. It's a good game.

I hope your game gets updated soon!

Thanks! Looking forward to it!

This game will be updated on Saturday, January 25, 2020.

The game has been updated to Version 1.03! Added more in-game dialogue, and new moves for Yomi, Foxy, and few more characters.

Still a work in progress... But the game has been updated tonight with all character dialogues so far!

Thanks for the feedback. I appreciate it.

You made this with Squiffy? What a great job. Quick to learn. And I won my first round!

Thanks! And congrats on winning the first round! Keep it up!

The game has been updated to Version 1.05! Story Mode demo added, 3 moves for each character, and an added stage theme!

Thank you all for over 200 plays! I have been busy time-to-time. Around August, I will add a few updates to the demo. When the demo is completely up-to-date I will finalize it. Afterwards, I work on the full version. Updates may vary. Thanks again!

Hello. While the demo is under development... Play the story that started it all!

Like your style and the game. I really wonder what you will come up with next. I have been trying to finish some projects but always end up scraping them :/.But this time Im working on a FPS type game. I think I might have a good chance of getting this game out "fingers crossed". And when I get it to a Demo would like your thoughts on it. It will need to be downloaded. Its compiled into exe. Ok take care :)

Sounds great! I look forward to your game. And thanks for your positive feedback!

Happy Halloween, everyone!

I am currently working on the game. The Story Mode is about 27% complete, and I am planning to add more characters for the full version. The minor update for the demo will been released soon. One of it, is the costume selection as a belated Halloween treat.

Stay safe and have fun!

Hope everyone is having a great holiday. The demo update is going to be released this winter. Stay warm and have a safe and joyous day!

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