Foxrain4's Challenge Games

fx4cg shall be my brand since challenge games are quite common names.

Matrix Double ( 26 Jan 2019)

Simcity Events - Recommended ( 31 Jan 2019)

Fishvale - Recommended ( 28 Feb 2019)

Survival Detective ( 14 Apr 2020)

Sword Warrior Adventure - Recommended ( 26 May 2020)

Matrix Double Remake (16 Jun 2020)

These are not intended to be playable games but rather I have planned to make 10 games as tutorial for
me to understand how textadventures works, but somehow I turned half of them into quite playable games
as I did many hardwork on solving problems, glitches and errors.

Originally intended future plans:

  1. Matrix Double
  2. Simcity Events
  3. Fishvale
  4. Survival Detective
  5. Sword Warrior Adventure
  6. Matrix Double Remake
  7. Simcity Events Remake
  8. Fishvale Remake
  9. Survival Detective Remake
  10. Sword Warrior adventure Remake
  11. fx4cg games emulator

As you can see i have already reached 6/11.
But I have finally bow down to the fatigue of games creation.
I have lost interest in gaming as well which severely hampers my inspiration for my game making as well.
for 11, fx4cg games emulator, this is a program that allows players to play any of the games i have created, but this
have been deemed impossible or too much work, because we cannot copy and paste programs from one game to
another game.
Even if I do complete 11/11, I have no wishes for any new game to be made, therefore I will just repeat the third remakes,
keep on remaking the same games, which sounds really boring.

Time to find another hobby.

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