The Missing Servant (AKA "The Castle Death Simulator")

Hey everyone,

So, eh, new game announcement? 😊

The Missing Servant
AKA "The Castle Death Simulator" πŸ‘€

A spoiler-free text game set in Castle Tristanja, the location of the queer erotic gothic horror novel "My Lord".

Your friend has gone missing and you're trying to find them... Will you succeed? Will you go missing yourself?
Play and find out!


This game was made as bonus content for the release of the queer erotic gothic horror novel "My Lord" by L.B. Shimaira.
You can play this game without having read the book.

While the book contains mature content, this game does not.
However, it does contain some (non-detailed) sexual references and one quote from the book that's a little kinky.
A free sample of the book is available within this game, and it has its own content warning.

Please enjoy and... try not to die 😏

Nice idea, and a good way to promote your book :-)

Good luck!
Don't worry about the spam; I'm sure a mod will delete it soon enough.

@mrangel thank you 😊 And it seems I missed the spam as I only see your comment xD

Yeah… the first response (a few minutes before mine) was a straight up pyramid marketing scheme, a post about 3 screen long about how good this "investment opportunity" is, in Russian.

omg πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

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