TROPICAL FANTASY v4.64 (2/6/2022)

[Desktop TA for Quest 5.8]

LATEST UPDATE (2/6/2022) -- Various minor fixes/improvements. This should fix the display of the opening screen. As before, the picture frame height can be customized in-game:

There are no viruses in the download (about 250 MB)! Your memory resources may affect how well the game runs.

Message me if you need a hint. Thanks!

Is there a LEWD command?

Hehe! No, it's not that kind of text adventure! (but there is a profanity filter)


I'm going to play it either way. I was just checking!

Downloading now . . .

I’ll get on it this weekend sometime.

KV is helping me work out some display bugs. Maybe don't download yet.

Well, I got it working as well as KV and I could figure (unfortunately, that may not be saying much). I think the more hardware resources your computer has, the better the game will run. At least it's free!

Also "added" a LEWD command just for KV.

Also "added" a LEWD command just for KV.

A wise man once said, "all games should have a LEWD command!"

A lewd man once said, "Wisdom is overrated. Have more fun."

Maybe that was me...never mind then!

...but seriously, folks:

This game is worth checking out because of game design alone!

(Can you say "immersive environment"? Good! I knew you could!)

Added the ability to manually adjust the picture frame max. height by mouse-clicking the picture frame, since this might be an issue on screens with different aspect ratios. Hope this helps, KV!

The opening screen should (hopefully) display correctly now...

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